In this week's #TechTipTuesday​, we talk about flipping the screen on a #Chromebook​ and a #PC​ when you find it appears upside down!
In this week's #TechTipTuesday​ we explore a somewhat recently added feature to Google Docs. You now have the ability to cite sources right inside of a Google Doc and develop your Bibliography without having to use an outside tool.
In today's #TechTipTuesday​ video we explore some of the productivity tools that many people forget exist in your Gmail that you have quick access to. Don't forget you have access to Google Calendar, Google Keep, Tasks, and Contacts from inside of your Gmail box.  
In this video we explore using the People tab in Google Classroom to click on individual students to obtain a list of assignments and their status. This is a great way to print / email a list of missing assignments to the student or parent.
In this week's #TechTipTuesday, we explore a quick shortcut to opening a new Google File such as docs, sheets, slides, and forms.
In this week's #TechTipTuesday​ we explore a newer feature of Google Chrome where you have the ability to organize tabs into groups for easier access and organization during a work session.  
In the last post, we examined several tips and shortcuts to save you time and keep you organized as you use Google Drive for your own productivity. Now that you have gotten all organized, let’s take a look at some tools within Google Drive to help make your workflow...
Is your Google Drive a virtual rats’ nest?  Does it take you longer to find the file you need than the attention span of your students? Is organization really possible with your Google Drive Files? Does the chaos of your files and folders relate to the image below, or...