19 Podcasts for 2019


I have become an avid podcast listener over the last several months.  This new immersion of media began as my new job position came with a much longer commute that begged for some form of entertainment.  As I entered into my new position, I was looking to gain fresh, new ideas to share with the teachers that I would be training in the areas of instructional technology and good teaching practices.  Starting with my own professional research, browsing the vast podcast library and suggestions from various friends and colleagues has led to an assortment of podcast options. I now have a collection of shows on my podcast catcher that covers many of my interests from my day-to-day job, my involvement in production ministry for my church, and my immersion into the world of Food Network.

This post will cover 19 of my current favorite podcasts.  The description that accompanies each one is taken directly from the official site as published on Overcast. Take a listen to some of these and hopefully you will find one or two that spark your interest.  I have found these podcasts to be a great way for me to study and improve myself both professionally and spiritually. Oh, and they also help pass the time of those boring commutes!!

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  ~2 Timothy 2:15


Google Teacher Tribe Podcast – The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shakeup Learning).

House of #EdTech – House of #EdTech, hosted by Christopher J. Nesi, explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach and the impact that technology is having in education.  Whether you use it or not, technology is changing the way we teach and how our students learn.

Ask the Tech Coach – Join the Educational Technology Coach Jeff Bradbury as he helps educators learn how to best use edtech in the classroom.

The EdTech Take Out – The edtech podcast that serves up a buffet of bite-sized technology tips for teachers.

Shukes and Giff The Podcast – Shukes and Giff The Podcast is a weekly podcast by Canadian educators Kim Pollishuke (@KimPollishuke) and Jen Giffen (@VirtualGiff). The podcast aims to share EdTech treasures with the audience in hopes of creating an AHA moment and encouraging listeners to take those AHAs and give it a go.

General Teaching

The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast – The 10-Minute Teacher Podcast is a 5-day a week podcast for busy teachers.  Featuring top teachers from around the world, you will learn about the trends, techniques, and technologies that remarkable teachers are using.  Full-time classroom teacher, Vicki Davis author of the award-winning Cool Cat Teacher Blog, puts the spotlight on remarkable teaching everywhere.

Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers – The podcast designed to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators and get you energized for the week ahead.

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast – Teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, educational technology — if it has something to do with teaching, we’re talking about it. Jennifer Gonzalez interviews educators, students, administrators and parents about the psychological and social dynamics of school, trade secrets, and other juicy things you’ll never learn in a textbook.

The Partial Credit Podcast – Partial Credit is the podcast that brings together education, pop-culture, and shenanigans!  Your hosts, Jeffery Heil, Donnie Piercey, and Jesse Lubinsky span 3 generations and they have you covered coast to coast.  Sit back, relax, and earn your partial credit.

Podcast PD – Anytime, anywhere learning for educators. Hosted by Stacey Lindes, AJ Bianco, and Christopher J. Nesi, each episode covers a topic and area of growth for educators and also shares the power of podcasts in education.  This podcast will provide you with the PD you don’t get in your faculty meetings or at educational conferences.

Student Centered

Brains On! Science Podcast for Kids – Brains On!® is a science podcast for curious kids and adults from American Public Media. Co-hosted each week by kid scientists and reporters from public radio, we ask questions ranging from the science behind sneezing to how to translate the purr of cats, and go wherever the answers take us.

Forever Ago – Forever Ago is a history show for the whole family. Every episode explores the origin of one thing – like sandwiches, video games and clocks – while teaching listeners to think critically about the past. Produced by APM and Brains On.

Inspirational / Spiritual

Quick Daily Devotion with Josh Clark – A 3 minute Daily Devotion Podcast for a quick fill of inspiration and encouragement straight from the scriptures.

Worship Leader Probs – Christ Follower, Worship Leader & Production Guy | Our Life, Ministry & Problems


Work Life with Adam Grant – Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside some of the world’s most unusual workplaces to discover the keys to better work.

Beyond the To Do List – Join your host, Erik Fisher, as he talks to successful friends and influencers about how they manage their time, prioritize their tasks, and take steps to avoid burnout.

Lifelong Learning – On Lifelong Learning, host Kate Nesi, frugal wife, mother, runner, and librarian, shares her experiences in the continuous pursuit of lifelong learning. Topics include frugal personal finance, family, marriage, making and creating, health and fitness, running, and continuing the growth mindset throughout life.

Outside Interests / For Fun

Starving For Attention with Richard Blais – Get an entertaining, behind-the-scenes look at the world of food with chef, television personality and author Richard Blais. Hear from anyone and everyone in the culinary industry, including restaurateurs, television hosts, famous chefs, producers of your favorite cooking and competition shows and more. They’ll join Blais for spontaneous, back-of-house conversation about what it takes to make it in different parts of the food business, global trends and where the industry overlaps with entertainment. Plus, play along with their games, trivia and other wacky moments.

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! – NPR’s weekly current events quiz. Have a laugh and test your news knowledge while figuring out what’s real and what we’ve made up.

Podcasts are just another technology medium with loads of information and entertainment.  Hope you enjoy these suggestions. These are just a handful of awesome podcasts that are out there.

Did you listen or subscribe to any of these?  If so, comment below and let me know which ones you liked or add your own suggestion.

Happy Podcasting!


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