Verbal Feedback in Google Docs: Mote


Feedback is an important teaching tool as we strive to have our students perform to the highest possible potential! Google Docs has been huge in developing the collaborative side of things with the comment feature as teachers read over and grade student work allowing them to give quick written feedback to help students improve their work.

As school becomes more and more virtual the need for verbal feedback has become more of a needed tool for teachers and/or students in order best convey comments, feedback, and develop ideas in collaboration with each other. So many great tools are out there to allow for voice recording and feedback. If you are a Google user and use the written comment regularly, I recommend that you give Mote a try for verbal feedback.  Mote lets you use the regular comment feature on Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Google Classroom to record your verbal feedback. This is especially useful as students hear your tone and specific clear instructions from your voice.

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