Tech Coaching & STEM Education: How Does That Look?


In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan welcome our guests, Lindsay Simpson, and Amy Fusarelli as we discuss STEAM, Tech Coaching, and putting it all together as we collaborate with teachers to reach students.

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In This Episode, We Discuss:

STEM/STEAM Coaching 

  • How does it differ from other areas?
      • “Where all of the content areas come to play!”
      • Collaborative, don’t make it a “drop off and leave” area.  Teachers join in, coach/facilitator leads but all participate. This creates buy-in and leaves the teachers wanting more.
      • Bringing items in from all of the content areas and showing teachers and students how it can all come together.
      • Celebrate baby steps with various successes as you go.
      • Look for willing participants.
      • Look for ideas in everyday conversations with teachers and/or staff meetings. Let the ideas develop as colleagues talk with one another and realize ways that they can collaborate.
  • Building A Culture of STEM
      • Integrating STEM and Project-Based Learning that may already be happening in the classroom.
      • Start small and bring the community together, partner with local businesses.
      • Find opportunities to chat with teachers in whatever form that may look like and work for you building. Develop the relationship to find out what is going on in their classroom and what types of project ideas may work well for them.
  • Budgeting For STEM
      • Budget line for each planned project or area
      • Think about consumables that would need to be replaced each year
  • Building Capacity
    • Start a video channel for step by step instructions for teachers to better understand tools and STEM concepts. Share with both teachers and have the availability of appropriate ones for the community.
    • Create a website to feature projects and student work and teacher lesson plan sharing.
    • Use podcasting as a way to reach your students/teachers.

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