COVID-19: One Year Later

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The picture of me, below, was from just a year ago on a Thursday at the #KySTE2020 Conference. As I was getting ready to begin this session which was the last one of that day with one more day to go, things changed quickly right after this photo! At some point as people entered this session a notification comes through the Conference app that we will be dismissing a day early with a quick closing ceremony to be held after this last session. This all happening in the midst of us getting calls, texts, and emails from our districts to join Conference calls, meetings the next day, etc. The next day Friday, March 13, 2020 was supposed to be our last day of school for 2 weeks while teachers did online teaching and students learned at home. We all know now that 2 weeks turned into after spring break which eventually turned into the rest of the year.
It’s been quite a year, but am proud to be an educator and see all the hard work put in reaching students. I am also blessed by Christian Academy School System and how we have been able to stay in person for all but 3 weeks this school year. Continued prayers all of my educator friends who are still prepping to get back in person. In this week’s episode of The Ask The Tech Coach Podcast, Jeff and I reflect on the life of a Tech Coach during the last 12 month of COVID-19 education.
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