Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule: A User Review


In this post, we take a look at a scheduling app for social media marketing called Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule. Are you looking for a quick, efficient way to manage your social media accounts and posts? Take a look at this app!

Reliable, user-friendly, and making work more efficient!  This is how I would describe my awesome experience, thus far, with Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule. I discovered this software after observing marketing campaigns by many of my mentors in the areas of educational technology and church marketing and observing how they were getting social media posts scheduled in an efficient manner and posting many at once. I kept noticing the label “posted by CoSchedule,” which prompted me to take a look for myself to see what they had to offer. 

As a Technology Integration Specialist for a school system, a communications director for my church, and a technology trainer on the side who runs a blog and YouTube channel; using my time efficiently is very important. Marketing is also important as I promote my blog and instructional videos on one account, and manage the church social media and marketing on another account.  I had tried a number of other scheduling apps available online and nothing has compared to CoSchedule and the marketing calendar. 

The layout alone is a huge selling point for CoSchedule. As stated in the name, “Marketing Calendar,” the format is a visual calendar from which I can schedule posts and launch campaigns to market something more long range that I want people to see on social media at various timeframes. For my technology training and consultation, I can use the campaign feature to promote my blog posts and videos in a seamless manner and across a number of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. As you can see in the image below, all of the posts with the chain link symbol are part of a campaign and then you can see on the 20th a new campaign is beginning to promote a new podcast episode.  A campaign can be on-going after its publication with postings going on over the course of a few weeks or months later.

Another view, below, shows another account for my church communications job as we use the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule to post upcoming announcements on our Social Media Channels. This makes work more efficient where I can schedule days or weeks ahead when I know that an event is scheduled. Being able to see this calendar view whether it be for a campaign or scheduled posts makes it visually appealing and easier for planning. Not only can I access this on my computer, I also have the ability to use it on my phone and tablet device which also makes my work load more efficient and productive.

I would highly recommend trying out this product from CoSchedule. A 14 day free trial is offered to try before purchasing which helps immensely with the learning process. The customer service is wonderful and the training resources are very helpful. 

Happy Scheduling!


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