In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan host the GEG Group from New England. We discuss what’s new and a hot topic for this time of year...Staying organized! Don’t forget to share your favorite organizational tips on Twitter at @AskTheTechCoach! If you would like to be a...
In this week's #TechTipTuesday​ we look at the new Screen Recording feature in the newly updated Chrome OS 89. This allows to quickly to screen recordings either with our without microphone. This does not video of your webcam, only what you are doing on the screen.
In this week's #TechTipTuesday​ we talk about archiving Google Classrooms to close out the school year and how to reuse old posts in a new Google Classroom.
In today's #TechTipTuesday​ we have a talk about the Shared With Me Filter in #GoogleDrive​. Do not try to organize it! Watch and see what you can do with those shared files! [youtube]
  In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff welcomes Damian Matheson, the Director of Partner Development and Digital Portfolio Coach at Together, we discuss how teachers and students can leverage digital portfolios and the power of Student Voice to create exciting and long-lasting records of student achievement and...
In #TechTipTuesday​ this week, we look at a way to open a PDF and an Image with Google Docs in order to have the ability to make slight changes in text. Remember you may still have to do some formatting, but this will save you some extra typing time.
In this week's #TechTipTuesday​ we look at the new text editing features just recently unveiled in Google Classroom. You now have the ability to bold, italicize, underline, and make a bulleted list in your postings on Classroom!
In this week's #TechTipTuesday​, we talk about flipping the screen on a #Chromebook​ and a #PC​ when you find it appears upside down!
In this week's #TechTipTuesday​ we explore a somewhat recently added feature to Google Docs. You now have the ability to cite sources right inside of a Google Doc and develop your Bibliography without having to use an outside tool.

Printing to PDF

In this week's #TechTipTuesday​ we talk about printing to PDF rather than to a printer. This is, especially, helpful when you want to pick out specific pages from a large document to save and keep or to share that with students. We also cover how to print to PDF...