Which one is your favorite? Listen to the great debate HERE.
In today's #TechTipTuesday​ video we explore some of the productivity tools that many people forget exist in your Gmail that you have quick access to. Don't forget you have access to Google Calendar, Google Keep, Tasks, and Contacts from inside of your Gmail box.  
In this video we explore using the People tab in Google Classroom to click on individual students to obtain a list of assignments and their status. This is a great way to print / email a list of missing assignments to the student or parent.
In this week's #TechTipTuesday, we explore a quick shortcut to opening a new Google File such as docs, sheets, slides, and forms.

Canva For Education

Are you looking for innovative design tools for you and your students to encourage creativity and productivity?  Canva for Education is definitely worth a look. In this week's episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff sits down with Jason Wilmot the Head of Education at Canva to discuss the importance...
Exciting feature in the latest update of Google Chrome browser. In this week's #TechTipTuesday​, we learn about making a QR Code directly from the chrome browser.
In this week's video we discuss those quick "on the fly" tools that might be needed quickly in a classroom. Find out how to quickly access a coin flip, dice roll, timer, calculator and even a metronome by a quick Google Search.
In this week's #TechTipTuesday​ we explore a newer feature of Google Chrome where you have the ability to organize tabs into groups for easier access and organization during a work session.  
In this installment of Tech Tip Tuesday, we take a look at accessing previously visited sites quickly using a press and hold of the back button on your Chrome browser. If you press and hold the back button you will get a drop down menu of the sites you...
Feedback is an important teaching tool as we strive to have our students perform to the highest possible potential! Google Docs has been huge in developing the collaborative side of things with the comment feature as teachers read over and grade student work allowing them to give quick written...