TECH Imaginations – Let the Blogging Begin


So, here you are, landed at another EdTech Blog.  Welcome to Tech Imaginations where the focus is creating innovators for tomorrow as we expose and teach our students with the technology at our fingertips in today’s world.  Education is shifting and being “Shaken Up” thanks to Kasey Bell, one of my mentors in the EdTech World and the owner of the Shake Up Learning Blog. There is so much out there for our students to learn; more than we can ever imagine as you read in my site title. Imagine the possibilities when we, as educators, think outside the box of mundane protocols, and use our creativity to explore new worlds and beyond.

That’s what we will explore throughout this blog and today is only the beginning.

The name Tech Imaginations is two-fold, a nod to preparing our students for their world in the future as I stated above, but also a throwback to the past and my family’s heritage.  My husband and I both grew up in rural Kentucky where his father runs a woodworking business called “Wood Imaginations.” I find it amazing and inspiring to see what my father-in-law creates with his hands whether it be cabinetry, furniture, or even a clock or a custom toy.  All of this is done using……Technology, not digital age technology, but tools and machinery that are definitely a modern form of technology that enhances the skills to new heights creating new products today. So as I continue on with my family’s “Imagination” theme, let’s explore the creative possibilities  as we utilize TECH IMAGINATIONS for our students and teachers whom we try to reach everyday.

Feel free to share the link to this site out to your friends and colleagues who might benefit from ideas shared here.  As we grow and move forward we will discuss innovative tools, gadgets, best practices, PD opportunities, and much more.  We hope to provide video tutorials and training opportunities right here online as we establish our presence known as TECH Imaginations.

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